Digi Token


Introducing Blockchain
based digital goods


DIGI Tokens have a fixed supply of 98M Tokens. The Current contribution rate is
1 ETH = 600 DIGI

A huge 50% Bonus for any contributions above 10 ETH in one transaction. Bonus to be applied at token sale end. You will still be entered into the 300 ETH giveaway.




How to Contribute

Send your ETH or BTC to the address below to receive your DIGI Tokens. Once you have sent your ETH or BTC to our address our smart contract will automatically calculate the amount of DIGI and send the DIGI Tokens directly to your wallet on ShapeShift.io or Changelly.com

Send ETH directly to: 0x429216e51020419e2d989078a7a82039257a7AF0

Send BTC directly to: 1GU7sco3BK3nAE6FRD42rsiY3JNoHxAsB6

DIGI ETH Address:

By submitting your ETH for DIGI Tokens you confirm you have read and agree to the DIGI Token Sale Terms & Conditions.

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300 ETH worth of DIGI Bonus
We are giving away 300 ETH worth of DIGI Tokens to 4 lucky contributors. You are automatically entered when you submit more than 1 ETH in one transaction.


A $500+ Billion dollar market opportunity

More than 4x the current market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined

Poised for Blockchain

DIGI Token is a new coin that will be used within a digital marketplace. The aim is to make this marketplace one of the world’s largest digital goods & services platform. Our coin aims to solve three core issues in the digital goods industry which are copyright issues, high commissions for sellers and the restricted global reach. DIGI itself represents more than just a coin or marketplace, it envisions the future of downloadable digital goods and services. The digital goods market is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been expanding year on year. Market research experts assessed the ten main growth factors in digital trade and have predicted that the value of the digital goods market could exceed $500 billion by 2019.

Two routes of return for token holders

There is a two pronged approach for the use of the DIGI Token. DIGI Token holders will be able to either use their token within trading and exchange platforms or use their tokens to purchase digital goods or services from the DIGI marketplace. The limited fixed supply of 98M tokens ensures early contributors receive a great return of tokens on their contribution.

The DIGI Token

An ERC20 token built on Ethereum. A fixed total supply of 98 Million with an estimated 60% open for distribution within this token sale.

The DIGI Wallet

The DIGI wallet will be used to hold and transfer DIGI tokens securely. A web and mobile wallet will co-exist.

The DIGI Platform

The DIGI marketplace is the platform where users can purchase and trade digital goods and services utilising the DIGI Token.


Our roadmap focuses on the key areas of success for the DIGI Platform and the value of the DIGI Token. Initially these key areas include the design, development and marketing of the DIGI Marketplace and the multiple exchange additions of the DIGI Token. Our dedicated team has a goal to create the worlds largest digital goods marketplace with a focus on creating a high value token.


Completion of UI Design

DIGI Wallet
DIGI Web Wallet UI Completion
DIGI Mobile Wallet UI/UX Completion
DIGI Platform
Completion of Full Platform Front End UI/UX
Completion of Full Platform Back End UI/UX
DIGI Token
Exchange Discussions/Strategy



DIGI Wallet
DIGI Mobile Wallet Dev Completion
DIGI Mobile Wallet Alpha Release
DIGI Platform
Dev Completion with integration of DIGI coin
Soft Launch and private invitions to selected Authors
DIGI Token
Addition of the DIGI Token to multiple exchanges



DIGI Wallet
Main Launch with changes as per feedback from Alpha release
DIGI Platform
Main Marketplace launch with fully functioning DIGI Token integration
DIGI Marketplace APP Strategy
DIGI Token
Additions to Token Exchanges
Directed marketing towards digital authors
Growth Strategy and Development



DIGI Token
Strategic marketing focused on the actual DIGI Token itself
Further Exchange Partnerships
DIGI Platform
Continued marketing and sales for the marketplace along with growth strategy implementation. DIGI Marketplace App Initial Phase.

Phase 1 is already underway

Our team has been working hard to keep us ahead of schedule

As mentioned in:

The DIGI Team

A highly experienced team
Ready for takeoff
The DIGI project is run by an experienced, entrepreneurial team with a proven track record in building fast growing technology and business service solutions. The team will be expanding as required with additional developers and blockchain specialists in Q1 2018. All token holders will be notified with news and updates via our social and online channels.

Faisal Ghaffar
Faisal has over a decade of experience in web design, UI and UX and has a passion for the online and digital world. In 2013 Faisal founded a marketplace selling website templates as a side project and it was acquired in 2015. The knowledge attained from this along with his experience in the online industry has given him a wealth of experience in the digital goods market. He has worked with 100s of startups and established technology businesses throughout his career. Faisal was lucky enough to see the potential of Bitcoin in 2009 and has been a keen investor since.

Paul Munday
Creative Director
Paul has over 14 years’ experience in graphic design with five years as a creative director. He was responsible for developing and delivering design concepts for a broad range of accounts including Orange, T-mobile, Domino’s Pizza, BP, Bombardier, Eurocopter, Royal Opera House, Coca Cola and KFC. He has also spent the past nine years creating and selling his own concept stock photography, website templates and other designs across a wide range of marketplaces.

Shamin Hoque
Operations Director
Shamin has a wealth of experience in the e-commerce sector. He has managed key UK accounts including Microsoft, Intel and HP using his technical knowledge coupled with his commercial acumen to assemble highly creative online marketing campaigns for his clients. In 2006 he founded a highly successful online aggregator which he grew to a market leading business. Shamin is a keen cryptocurrency investor and has various investments and contacts in the sector.

Gareth Davis
Business Development Manager
Gareth has a demonstrable track record of supporting business growth across a diverse portfolio of clients in multiple industries across all technology verticals. Gareth is a seasoned professional with a substantial network of technology experts across the UK and Europe.

Sales & Marketing Director
Darren has over 12 years’ experience in sales and marketing. Darren has worked for various creative marketing agencies and his strengths lie in providing strategic marketing, creative, branding, advertising & communications services to clients across the B2C and B2B sectors.

HR & Strategy
With more than a decade of IT services experience, Victoria is CIPD certified with a postgraduate certificate in sustainable leadership. Victoria’s strength is very much around complex analysis and simple solution execution.

Account Management
Peter has over 20 years of experience within the financial industry and has extensive experience with IT companies. Peter also has a keen interest in Blockchain technology and the financial aspects of cryptocurrency.

Customer Liason Manager
Gabor has substantial experience in customer liaison and support. He has years of experience within e-commerce and technology businesses and prides himself in his meticulous detail.

Contact us today if you have any questions or queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are DIGI tokens?
DIGI tokens are ERC-20 tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.
I don’t have any Ethereum can I Contribute with Bitcoin or Litecoin?
No unfortunately we only accept ETH for this token sale. You can visit an exchange such as ShapeShift.io or Changelly.com to quickly and securely exchange your coins for ETH.
Can I send ETH funds from exchanges such as Coinbase or Poloniex?
No. Please do not do this as you will not receive your DIGI Tokens. You have to send ETH funds from your personal Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet).
How will I receive my DIGI tokens once I contribute?
Your DIGI Tokens will be automatically attached to your ETH sending address.
Will there ever be any more tokens created?
No. 98 Million is the total fixed supply of the DIGI Token that will ever be available.
What happens if the ETH Hardcap is reached before the token sale end date?
The token sale will end and no further contributions will be accepted.
What exchanges will list DIGI tokens?
The exact amount of exchanges we are going to be listed on is yet to be confirmed but we are in contact with multiple exchanges and are looking to be listed as per the roadmap Q1 2018.
Why will you not list on exchanges earlier?
We feel listing on exchanges once our platform is ready to launch will incentivize and bring higher gains to our token holders and potential token buyers. We feel timing is crucial and listing our tokens on major exchanges early could have a negative impact on the price per DIGI.
I want to invest a large amount of ETH, can I speak to the CEO?
Yes. If you wish to contribute more than 50 ETH and wish to speak to the CEO we can arrange a skype call at your convenience to go through any questions. Simply contact us at contact@digitoken.tech to arrange.
Does the 50% bonus apply if I have contributed more than 10 ETH in total?
The current 50% Bonus only applies to anyone submitting more than 10 ETH in one go from this period. All addresses that contribute more than 10 ETH in one transaction will be sent the bonus at the end of the token sale to their sending address. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at contact@digitoken.tech.